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Decatur Back & Neck Center Reviews

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What Our Decatur Patients Say

At Decatur Back & Neck Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Dr. Peck is amazing! Not only has he worked out my neck issues but my chronic back pain is being addressed and he is helping my torn Achilles’ tendon heal up. If you’ve been pondering about seeing a chiropractor, make the appointment. It will be worth it. Great service all the way around.

Tori N.

Highly Recommend

My back was hurting me so bad yesterday I could hardly walk and it started out of nowhere. I called yesterday while I was still at work to see if they had any openings for that afternoon. They did. And I ended up getting off early and they were more than happy to see me early. Then when I got there I was greeted by an extremely friendly receptionist and who answered any questions I had and then Dr. Peck had me feeling better in no time. I will definitely be back I highly recommend this dr.

– John L.

My neck pain is improved significantly even in the first week. Dr. Peck and the staff made me feel comfortable and alleviated any concerns I had over my first visit to a chiropractor. I highly recommend.

Laura G.

Car Accident Pain Relief

Highly recommend Dr. Peck. After spending 9 months in constant pain from a car wreck and numerous doctors appointments I was told nothing was wrong with me. I was petrified of going to a chiropractor. Dr.Peck quickly changed my outlook on chiropractic therapy. He was thorough and extremely detailed. He found the source of my problem and pain and quickly fixed my back. Now I’m back to a normal life with hardly any pain. Thank you Dr Peck and Mrs Cindy for everything. Keep up the fantastic work.

– Holly B.

I would recommend this Chiropractor to everyone. I was 6 months pregnant in severe back pain, could barely walk. I am a waitress and still needed to work. He relieved all my back pain and i am still working with only 20 days left until my due date. I have thanked the good lord above for this man many times.

Haley D.


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