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Meet Dr. Timothy Peck

One of the many aspects of chiropractic care Dr. Peck enjoys is the personal interaction with his patients. Providing hands-on effective care that gets results is very fulfilling.

A Hands-on Approach

When you first meet Dr. Peck, you realize he knows what he’s doing, and cares about getting his patients better. Skilled and experienced, he gets right to the point, letting you know we’ll do our best to take care of your problem. He’ll give you the care options and make recommendations, but the choice to proceed is always yours.

The Path to Chiropractic

A native of the St. Louis area, Dr. Peck always liked working with his hands, so he considers chiropractic a good fit for him. In fact, that’s what led him to experience chiropractic care for the first time.

While working on his “junk” car in his late teens, he suffered a back injury. A friend had a family member who was a chiropractor and referred Dr. Peck for treatment. The results he received made him want to look into it more, and he eventually decided to switch his major.

Learning More About Chiropractic

Dr. Peck received his education and training at Logan University, College of Chiropractic in St Louis, MO. With Degrees in Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic, graduating in 1992. Logan College of Chiropractic is highly recognized and respected in the United States.

Dr. Peck has advanced training in a href=”/spinal-decompression/”>spinal decompression therapy with certification from Parker University in Dallas, TX. Dr. Peck has advanced training certification in the evaluation and treatment of spinal ligament injuries, often found in auto accident cases.
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Changing the Perception

While much has changed during his decades in practice, Dr. Peck believes the chiropractic profession needs to evolve even more. He’s working to get the profession more medically accepted as a modern form of primary care for back and neck pain by educating his patients and others on all the issues chiropractic is able to help with.

Outside the Practice

When not spending time with his wife of almost 30 years, Michelle, and their four children, Dr. Peck likes to work in his yard and play golf. The family lives in Athens, Alabama.

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